2015 DSLR Camera Recommendations

One of the most common non-craft related questions I get from our fans is about our photography and what kind of camera I use and/or recommend. That is very open-ended question that would result in a novel, so instead I’m going to recommend DSLR cameras based on the following criteria;

  • Budget: You could easily spend thousands of dollars on camera bodies! If you’re a beginner, the odds of you using all of the bells and whistles that accompany the higher end cameras is slim. Ultimately, the quality of the photo will depend on the lens that you use. Just to give you a real world example, the Curiosity (rover) that NASA sent to Mars was equipped with a two megapixel camera, but the results were stunning because of the lens in front of that two megapixel sensor. It’s all about the lens, especially since most beginner camera bodies deliver wonderful results.
  • Camera Features: All entry level camera bodies will take photos. But there are some key features to look for will help you get the most out of your photo-taking experience.


Nikon has a very dynamic line of entry-level DSLR bodies and I’ve looked at all of the specs and factored in the price of each to create the list below. Keep in mind, that the prices below reflect JUST the camera body. You can purchase a package that comes with a lens if you’d like, but I personally am not a big fan of the lenses that come with the bundles.

  1. Nikon D5200 MSRP $499.99 – This item is still available through various sources, but has recently been discontinued by Nikon.
  2. Nikon D3300 MSRP $499.99
  3. Nikon D5500 MSRP $749.99

Prime Lenses

A “prime” lens is a lens that does not have a zoom ring. It’s a fixed lens which makes YOU the zoom mechanism, which means that you’ll have to move towards or away from your subject instead. These lenses produce amazing results and cost much less since there are less internal parts. These are the prime lenses that I recommend



This lens will not work with the Nikon bodies listed above, but I wanted to include a lens for Canon fans as well!

Hope you’ve found this article useful! A great camera body and prime lens combination will give you amazing results, even using the auto feature on your camera! In future articles, we’ll discuss additional lenses, including zoom and telephoto!