Beginner FAQs

Do SVG files from Dreaming Tree ( work with the Brother Scan N Cut and Canvas Software?

Yes, our files are 100% compatible with the Brother Scan N Cut and Canvas software!

What do I do if I receive an error the data is too complicated?

If you ever receive an error saying the data is too compliated, converting the SVG into an FCM should resolve this. Please follow the video below to convert the SVG into an FCM. 

Do I need to size Dreaming Tree SVG files to the sizes indicated in the PDF?

No, all of our files import at their native sizes.

Why are my score lines cutting off pieces of my project?

Based on the description of your issue, it sounds to me like you may be using the Solid Score Line version of the project. 

In your download, you’ll have two versions. One that contains perforated score lines, and the other with solid score lines. 

The perforated score line version is located directly in the SVG folder while the solid score line version is located in the Solid Score Lines folder. Solid score line files also have the prefix ss_.

For your machine you will want to use the perforated score lines located in the main SVG folder. 

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