Beginner FAQs

How do I import SVG files from Dreaming Tree into Cricut Design Space?

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Design Space 101 - Desktop Version

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How Do I Use Solid Score Lines?

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Do I need to size Dreaming Tree SVG files to the sizes indicated in the PDF?

No, with the release of Design Space 2.0, all of our files import at their native sizes.

I have a Cricut Mini, Expression, Personal, Cake or Original model. Do your files work with any of these machines?

Unfortunately, no SVG compatible software exists for any of these machines. Sure Cuts A Lot version 1 and 2 once made it possible to cut SVG files with the Cricut Expression, Personal, Original and Cake, but the software was taken off the market due to a lawsuit filed by Provo Craft in 2011. You can read the case documents by clicking here. Beware of any version of Sure Cuts A Lot 2 being sold on eBay or Amazon as they ARE pirated. No authorized reseller should be selling the software at this time.

Advanced FAQs

Do I need Sure Cuts A Lot version 4 or later to use SVG files?

No. Cricut Design Space is all you need in order to import and cut SVG files from Dreaming Tree and other SVG sources, but it does offer design tools that Design Space does not offer and also gives you the ability to export these designs to SVG format which can then be opened in Design Space. You can get a copy of Sure Cuts A Lot 4 by clicking here.

How do I isolate specific parts within a single SVG file?

Click Here for our article on Using Cricut Design Space Contour Feature To Isolate Pieces Containing Score Lines

How Do I Import Dreaming Tree Files with My iPad?

With Design Space 3, you can now download and upload our files directly to Design Space using only your iPad or iOS device (does not include Android). Click Here for the full tutorial!

When importing Dreaming Tree files into Cricut Design Space, I receive the error 'Remove Exclusive Content'. What can I do?

Based on our findings, this is a glitch/bug with Cricut Design Space. The solution is usually to log out of Design Space and then log back in. You may also need to clear out your cache (temporary internet files).

Cricut Slice, Contour and More

Learn how to customize Dreaming Tree files using the Slice and Contour features in Cricut’s Design Space. Click Here


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