Using Cricut Design Space Contour Feature To Isolate SVG Pieces Containing Score Lines

Have you ever messed up a cut or wanted to isolate a piece of an SVG file so that you can cut it out of different colored cardstock or patterned paper? Unlike other cutting programs, the “Ungroup” feature may only take you so far. This is where Cricut Design Space’s “Contour” feature comes into play. […]

Customizing Fire and Dragonfly Lantern in Cricut Design Space

Modifying and customizing our SVG files in Cricut Design Space is easier than you think. In the following video, I’ll discuss the following: Welding content from Cricut’s content library to an SVG file using the Weld feature Ungrouping SVG files Hiding and Showing layers Slicing / Slice Tool Arrange >>> Move to Front, Move to Back Attached Sets […]

Isolating Parts of SVG Files in Cricut Design Space (Slice Tool)

Have you ever wanted or needed to cut only a portion of one of our files? Maybe the first time one of the pieces didn’t cut correctly, or you are working on a special project and just need a specific element in one of our files. Well, we’ve got a work around that will help […]