Design Space – Organizing Projects and Attaching Files

Are your score lines not cutting or showing up on a separate mat when you try to “Make It” in Design Space? If so, you are not alone and it so happens that this is the most commonly ask question and email that we receive from Cricut Explore/Maker users. 

In the video below, we’ll cover the following:

  • Attaching files
  • Layers and Groups
  • What is Unzipping
  • Importing an entire Dreaming Tree project
  • Saving projects in Design Space
  • Adding a photo to a saved Design Space file


14 thoughts on “Design Space – Organizing Projects and Attaching Files

  1. narducci says:

    Thank you so much!! -I had muddled my way around attaching, but this is so clearly explained! And I can now put all of my projects in their respective files YAY

  2. Cheryl Beauchesne says:

    Thank you for this very useful information. One more question: Why does the score line cut when making the project? in Design Space, we can also designate that score line as a score line in the layers panel, but it scores as dashes not a solid line. Is there a simple way to change that?

    • Leo Kowal says:

      Our last 4 or 5 product releases feature solid score lines in the Extras folder. The older ones do not have this so we recommend that you use the perforated score lines and cut them.

  3. Terrie Cavanaugh says:

    I had ordered some things and I don’t remember everything that I ordered. where do I find them and how do I get there.

  4. imatrmp says:

    Sure glad I came across and watched the video!!! You just helped me to avoid any issues I may have had using Design Space! You just made my life a lot simpler! Thanks.

  5. Angela Peairson says:

    So grateful for your helpfulness in creating videos like this one. I will be a fan amd customer for life! Thank you or saving me time and frustration!

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