Dreamer Spotlight – Tara Fowler

Interview with Dreamer, Tara Fowler AKA Tee Ara

I recently had the opportunity to do a video chat with Tara and learned so many fun and interesting things about her. Her love for crafting doesn’t stop with paper, Tara also paints, draws and sews among other things. Tara forwarded over many of her wonderful Dreaming Tree Projects as well as samples of her hand drawn art and I must say it was very difficult to not showcase all of them. Be sure to take a peek at them at the bottom of this post. ~Mike

Where are you from?

I’m from Northern Missouri, USA. About 45-55 minutes Northeast of Kansas City Missouri.

How did you get into paper crafting?

I’ve been a crafter pretty much my entire life. Both my parents are artists and my Mom was a very hands on mother. She never allowed my sister and I to just sit around the TV. Both my parents would have all kinds of different crafts for us to keep busy and learn with. I personally always LOVED anything that was with paper. Drawing and 3D paper crafting has always been my most favorite. When I was older, and started babysitting, I would then start to create fun paper crafts for those kids to do. Once I had children of my own I did the same thing. Paper is cheap and you can do just about anything with it! I made games, airplanes, flowers and even fish for the kids to “catch” with their fishing poles that I would also make for them. 

I also have friends that have different cutting machines, so I was lucky enough to play around with what they had to see what I liked. I ended up getting the original Cricut Explore machine. I made a LOT of projects on that little guy. It provided me with a lot of joy. Once it started to really wear out I began saving for a Silhouette machine. At the time, it had a lot more options than the Cricut did. I had finally saved up enough money to get one when Cricut announced they were releasing a new, more powerful and exciting machine – the Maker. I was hooked on that! I bought the Maker the week it was released and still use it all the time! It’s a great machine and has served me well.

How long have you been a Dreamer and how did you find us? 

I’ve been a Dreamer for a while now. I couldn’t tell you when I first started, it’s been a while. I actually first started out using SVGCuts to get some of the 3D files and, of course, Design Space. That is where I actually first fell in love with Dreaming Tree. Design Space had a couple Dreaming Tree products offered for purchase and I was amazed at the detail in them!
Dreaming Tree is such a great company. When I hear that name I instantly smile. Honestly, I do! You don’t find many companies anymore, big or small, that truly cares about their customers and the quality of their product. It shows in every aspect of the company. First off, the products themselves- they are amazingly well constructed, with all the details really thought out carefully. Then the staff – all so nice and helpful. Whenever I’ve had to call about anything I’ve had a great experience, now how many places can someone say that about? And of course the videos – they are hands down THE BEST in the business! I can not think of a single other 3D papercrafting, or ANY crafting, video that shows you a complete start to finish assembly video. Leo has a great voice and demeanor that makes them that much better. No annoying music playing. No skipping or fast forwarding through any parts. And excellent explanations for everything. When I’m asked what I think of Dreaming Tree, all I can say is I think they are the absolute best in the business and I am so grateful to have found them. They have helped me through some very difficult times in my life without even knowing it!

What was your first Dreaming Tree project and your favorite?  

I think the first one I did was the Castle Card, but I may be mistaken – it’s been a long time and I’ve made so many things that I honestly can’t remember for sure. The card had so much detail and was actually so easy to make – yet looked so complex – that I knew I had just found my new favorite place to go to get 3D files!

I’ve made almost everything Dreaming Tree has on their site. Not all of it, but most. I would say that so far anyway, my favorite project is the “Midnight Manor”. Halloween is my favorite holiday anyway, but all the detail in that project just really made it the most fun for me to put together, making it my favorite. But, to be honest, I did have to think a little bit about which ONE project to pick as my favorite. There are just so many great and versatile projects and it is a little difficult to decide on a favorite.

How many Dreaming Tree Projects have you completed?

When asked how many Dreaming Tree projects I have completed. Wow- I just don’t know! I’ve made at least one of nearly everything now. But I’ve made a lot of several different files now. I know some of the smaller, easier ones I’ve probably made maybe 30ish each of?? maybe more, maybe less, depending on which on it was. I’ve made a lot of cards, multiple and multiple ones of those. Christmas ornaments were great fun to make and I’ve made a ton of those too. The past 2 or 3 years now I’ve made a lot of the gift boxes, but I’ve changed them up to make them fit whatever occasion I’m using it for. All the different floral arrangements I’ve made several of as gifts to friends. I try to brighten up people’s lives with little gifts of anything from a simple card to a fancy floral arrangement.  I also love to decorate my own home with a lot of the different projects. My house is full of my drawings and Dreaming Tree paper projects. Even my husband likes it when I make him different fun projects. Everyone that actually knows me well, knows that if you’re getting a gift from me it’s going to be a handmade gift. Anything and everything from a drawing to a sewing project to a 3D paper project, or all the above! A lot of my friends and family keep the cards, and even the boxes/bags, I make them! I just think that if everyone tried a little harder to put a smile on even just one person’s face a day that this world would be such a better place for us all. And what better way of doing that than with a simple piece of paper turned into something completely new and amazing with nothing more than a little ink and glue, a little time and patience, and a smile.

What advice would you give a new Dreamer?

The advice I think every Dreamer should hear and know is that there is no such thing as Perfect. You may absolutely LOVE something that I want to rip up and throw in the trash bin. Art and crafts is about the journey, the experience, not perfection. It’s okay to ask for advice, and it is ok to make mistakes – even big mistakes that require us to start over. I would love to be able to have all the Dreamers stop, me included, saying “Well, here’s me xxx xxx xx project. It’s not perfect but…..” The idea that everything needs to be perfect, or that we should be “as good as” another Dreamer can be crippling. Enjoy the Journey! Smile while creating! Have fun with it all! That would be the advice I would give every new, and old, Dreamer.

It really was a pleasure getting to know Tara more and as promised here are photos of her other ‘passions’.

15 thoughts on “Dreamer Spotlight – Tara Fowler

  1. Nancy M. Calderon says:

    Hi Tara. I’ve enjoyed ready about you and your magnificent talents. I too started crafting Arcadia young age and have never stopped. I’ve actually gone from one crafting medium to another and then another. Now, I love Dreaming Tree for it’s great customer service and are always willing to help. Their work is absolutely stunning and Leo’s tutorials are fabulous. Ron, Diana and Leo are a fabulous team and never disappoint. Tara you hit it right on the head. When you craft smile. Think of the joy you feel in creating a piece of art. It’s as simple as that! Thank you for sharing your many talents with us. Keep smiling!

  2. Diane Frank says:

    Well Tee I knew you had talent but look at all the amazing things you have done!!! How awesome are you..and I know some days can be very challenging for you but above all you conquer it all!! Much love and YOU GO GIRL!!!

    • Tara says:

      thank you! Yes, some days can be so difficult and even getting dressed is a true and real challenge. Art and crafts get me through it all though! I do what I do to try to help others find their smile too. That’s my goal in life – to help brighten peoples day.

  3. Sam says:

    Tara, So nice to “meet” you. Nice to learn about fellow dreamers. You are an amazing artist. Your drawing are so beautiful. I adore your doll. Your work in each medium is just wonderful, such attention to detail. Thank you for sharing and thank you Leo for the introduction.

  4. Tara says:

    Thank you! Yes, some days even getting dressed is a real challenge, but art and crafts keep me going! I try to use what I do to help being a smile to others. That’s my goal in life – to brighten up others lives.

  5. Therese says:

    You are one talented artist! I’ve been crafting and “artisting” since I was a young child as well, but your drawings are incredible! Dreaming Tree is one great site and I give away everything I make. Now I wish I had photos of what I made because I have forgotten about some of my creations. Maybe I will start making DT items for myself! It was nice to learn more about you and keep on creating!

  6. Lynn QV says:

    WOW! What a great interview, Tee Ara & Mike!
    Tee, I’ve admired your work in our DT Facebook group & had no idea of the depth of your talents. You are an amazing artist with a beautiful spirit!

  7. Margitta Couchman says:

    So proud of you Tee Ara, an Interview with Dreaming Tree “Mike” That is awesome and so very well deserved. You have so many talents and your drawings , WOW …. Beautiful.

  8. Melissa Jenkins says:

    It was great hearing your story. I too am from Missouri. I live in MD now as my husband is military and we move a lot. He grew up in the same general area as you are now. A little bitty town north of KC called King City. I got into Dreaming Tree while we were overseas and I think you do such a great job with their projects.

  9. Anita De Win says:

    Wow, Tara, I just discovered this interesting interview and the different kinds of creations you share here: EVERYTHING LOOKS AWESOME!!!
    Congratulations with all of it!👍

  10. Candy says:

    Great interview. Thanks for sharing.

    I love your advice about not prefacing the introduction of an art project with, “Here’s my project. It’s not perfect, but….” I think I say that nearly EVERYTIME I create something. And it’s an awful habit. Especially considering the “ink, thread, and shears” we put into our projects.

    Your drawings are beautiful. They are so life-like I thought some were photographs. Just wow!

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