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The Dreaming Tree app is back and better than ever. As you may have read, the previous app was taken down because we had some issues with the developer and to be honest, I just didn’t like how it worked. We’re not a multi-million dollar company so we couldn’t possibly spend thousands of dollars to create an app, but I found a solution that I’m very happy with and so far, many of our Dreamers feel the same way! Check out the reviews below:

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Fantastic Revamp! This new app works beautifully and makes managing the Dreaming Tree content so much easier! Definitely a MASSIVE improvement. Leo and the team should be very proud.

Goblinkatie (Apple App Store)

The new dreaming tree app is amazing. Everything you need in one place. Access to favorites, coupons and news is easily accessible. What I love most is the how to videos are all under one button and super easy to get to. There is also a help button if there are every any problems and they respond right away. Love dreaming tree cant wait to see more!!

Shawna Barnes (Google Play Store)

72 thoughts on “Dreaming Tree App

    • joy brightley says:

      Dreaming tree your tutorials are the best,very clear every step of the way, you dont rush you make a crafters hobby so enjoyable, never stop your tutorials and your patterns are all so exciting xx

  1. Shirley says:

    I love to watch your videos you do a vantastic job of completing every step of each project
    Since I am very new to cricut I am still learning keep up the videos and all the great projects . Thank you


    Dreaming Tree is the most innovative, most creative company for getting top notch designs that are unique and beautiful. I love the video instructions and of course we love Leo.. the idea that you somehow come up with designs that everyone wants to make on a month to month basis is amazing… Have a blessed day..

  3. Buffy Baker says:

    I have been working with dreaming tree now for a few years. Let me tell you, every special occasion whether it be a birthday, Christmas, Halloween, valentine’s day every thing I’ve made with their SVG designs have brought a gasp of joy from the repentance of our work. The beauty and ease of putting the cards together brings me such joy and bride to pass on.
    Thank you

  4. Linda Thomas says:

    I am new to Paper crafting. I bought a cricutexplore air thinking vinyl would be my thing, turns out paper is my thing. I am so glad I found Dreaming Tree. I love your site and your app,both are so easy to use.

  5. Dana says:

    I love your designs! I’m disabled and on a limited income. I’m unable to leave the house very often so I don’t have a cell phone to install the app on. I tried installing it on my computer but it didn’t work. Is there another way I can enter the contest? Thank you for all the beauty your designs add to the world.

    • Leo Kowal says:

      Hi Dana! This giveaway is app exclusive, but be sure to sign up for our newsletter as we’ll be doing plenty more giveaways that don’t require the app. We’ll be doing another Maker giveaway I’m sure!

  6. Lorraine Buttner says:

    Love that you’ve come up with the new app. This makes it so much easier to access your site and all your wonderful project files. And thanks for the give away. Someone is going to be very happy!

  7. phish72311 says:

    I am excited to get this app I put it on my phone and my laptop, I have to put it on my iPad as well. I am looking forward to cutting and putting together my first project.

  8. Monica Vasquez says:

    I had no idea you guys even had an app. I love, love your SVGs and have posted a lot about you guys on Facebook. You guys may not be a millionaire, but you guys have heart and it shows in your SVGs.

  9. nana.19461 says:

    I love the Dreaming Tree svgs..I have several that I make for birthdays and just because they are pretty. Keep them coming…especially holiday and birthdays..

  10. Tea Campeau says:

    I don’t think I should have to download the dreaming tree app in order to enter the “win a cricut tool”. I already receive all your email letters. I know about and look at your site . I already have too many things on my phone, and no room for regular thingss such as contacts and phonecalls.

    • Leo Kowal says:

      It’s okay, Tea. We’ll have more giveaways in the future. We’re trying to raise awareness around the app to help fight the stronghold that Facebook and Google has on small business. It’s tough to reach our fans without paying LOTS of money for advertising. As a small business, we don’t have a ton of capital to constantly pay these companies to make sure we’re relevant to our customers. We do appreciate you visiting the site frequently even without the app! Thank you and look for more non-app exclusive giveaways soon!

  11. Robina Harper says:

    Loving the app. It’s really slick and user friendly.
    I’ve tried svgs from other sites and to be honest, it’s not worth while. From now on I’ll stick to Dreaming tree. The quality is there. In fact, I just love your work.

  12. Stephanie Smith-Montgomery says:

    I love your app I deleted stuff so I could get it on my phone as well as my tablet- Your stuff is my favorite and it’s so well designed. It always looks incredible and goes together perfectly. I also love the assembly videos. They make everything so easy. You do an amazing job.

  13. Julia says:

    I love the dreaming tree. Don’t have tine to make all the projects but retiring very soon and that’s all I olan in doing!!!

  14. Nichole says:

    I’m so thankful for the advertising that your doing such as publicizing the give away for the Cricut. Had I not rec’d Your newsletter advertising this I honestly would’ve never discovered your app. I’m honestly all about a way to make my crafting as easy as possible. Due to an autoimmune disorder I’ve battled since the age of 4 and I’m now 41 it’s taking a toll on my neurological state and that’s the biggest struggle as a once very independent hard working mother with a very responsible job that made decisions that affected others lives to now I have trouble sizing a design for a project . So I’m truly thankful for the time you’ve invested into making our lives a tad easier & especially thankful for the giveaways . That in itself speaks volumes Of you and your company so thank you .

  15. Gail Poland says:

    This is not about your app. I have just seen for the first time your beautiful products! I do not have a fright of any other paper cutting machine but would love to make your projects. Have you precut kits available? If not it seems like a very good idea. Not just for those of us who don’t have cutting machines but for your company too! Have you given thought to producing a monthly kit as so many other paper crafting companies have? I think that would be awesme. Include the precut papers, whatever other supplies needed and maybe parts for a little freebie as a bonus for those who purchase. I purchase up to three per month at a cost of thirty five to fourty dollars per month and would be very pleased to add your products to my list. Thanks for reading! If not I will just have to watch the assembly vids till I break down and buy the cricut.

    • Leo Kowal says:

      Hi Gail! It’s something I would love to do but we’re still relatively young as far as our company goes and a lot of work would have to go into this. I would need more staff to make something like this materialize. So in a nutshell, we’re not working on anything like that right now, but I’d love to some day in the future.

  16. Deborah Harper says:

    Unfortunately I have Amazon and I can’t download the app. I can only download what is in there store.
    Said 2say😢

  17. Deb Kaste says:

    Love your products but do not own a Cricut 🙁 Would be thrilled if you offered these as PDF files so we that don’t have a cutting machine could make these items by hand. The flowers are outstanding! How very talented you are and your videos amazing.

  18. james236 says:

    they are the best , they are ready to help you and not make you feel like you are bothering them . I refer them to my friends who are getting into critcut or what system they have . I quilt and have had to deal with shops that don’t want to support there product over the years and this is not uncommon for them .But dream tree is the opposite always there to help and follow up always. They are great and look forward to doing more of there projects.

    • Mike Fernholz says:

      Hi Natasja, I am sorry for the inconvenience, we are currently making updates to the Android version and hope to have it up again in a few days. 🙂

  19. SusanNewton says:

    I haven’t been around Dreaming Tree long ,but long enough to know I love everything about it The designs are beautiful and you guys make them so easy to do. Thanks for a wonderful place for an old lady to spend her time.

  20. Ashlyn says:

    Out of all the blog sites and craft sites, dreaming tree is by far my favorite one. Beautiful, clean files, easy to understand and put together. Lovely demonstration videos as well. I also really like the website layout, easy to navigate around and not full of ads. I just love everything about this company and their never ending supply of crafting ideas.

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