Beginner FAQs

Do SVG files from Dreaming Tree ( work with the Silhouette CAMEO/Portrait/SD?

Yes, our files are 100% compatible with the Silhouette line of cutting machines. Silhouette Studio Designer Edition is required to import and cut any SVG file. You can get a copy of the software from our sister site by clicking here!

When I open your SVG files, nothing shows up on my mat/screen. Why?

By default, Silhouette Studio does not “Center” SVG files, instead they are opened “As Is”. Follow these steps to configure Silhouette Studio to “Center” SVG Files.

1. (Mac) With Silhouette Studio Designer Edition open, click Silhouette Studio (next to the apple icon in the main menu bar) and select Preferences.

1. (PC) With Silhouette Studio Designer Edition open, click File and select Preferences.

2. From the Preferences section, click Import Options


3. Locate the “When importing SVG” section and click on the radio button next to “Centered“.


4. Click Apply

5. That’s it! Now re-open your SVG file!

Do I need to size Dreaming Tree SVG files to the sizes indicated in the PDF?

No, Silhouette Studio opens our files at their native size. You do not need to size anything, just import and cut!

Do I have to extract/unzip your files before I can use them in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition?

Yes! All of our files come in ZIP format and must be extracted/unzipped before they can be used in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. Note: If you’re using Sure Cuts A Lot with your Silhouette cutting machine, you don’t need to UNZIP the files. Click here to see why we prefer Sure Cuts A Lot when it comes to using our files!

I'm trying to trace your files but keep getting double cut lines.

With Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, you don’t need to trace our files since they can be opened natively. Tracing our files is a completely unnecessary step and will ultimately alter the original integrity of the file. It is not the correct method of importing and cutting our files. Check out the video below to see the correct method!

Where can I get a copy of Silhouette Studio Designer Edition?

You can get a copy of Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and a $10 Dreaming Tree gift card for $32.88 (prices may change based on demand) here:

Advanced FAQs

Can I convert your files to GSD/GST or DXF?

Some Silhouette users have successfully converted our SVG files to the above mentioned formats, but we advise against this practice for two reasons. Firstly, we cannot guarantee the integrity of our files when they are converted from their native SVG format. This means that if the project doesn’t cut correctly or assemble properly, we can’t offer support. Secondly, with the availability of Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, you don’t need to convert the files. Designer Edition gives you the ability to natively import SVG files without having to convert anything. Get a copy of Silhouette Studio Designer Edition by clicking here.

Silhouette Training Resources

Visit our friend, Terri Johnson at for local classroom based training. Note: For Dreaming Tree related Silhouette Studio DE help, please contact us.


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