Silhouette Studio Version 4 – SVG Import First Look (Designer Edition)

So far I’m really loving the new layout and workflow of Silhouette Studio version 4. It’s working (sort of) and it has somewhat reignited my excitement for the Silhouette brand, but as with any Beta software, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you have backups of everything if you decide to proceed with upgrading and honestly, I may even go as far as recommending that you give it a little more time before you upgrade so you don’t cause yourself any headaches. Ideally, you’ll have a separate computer that you can install the software on so you can take it for a spin. Additionally, there most likely is a way to have both versions (3 and 4) running at the same time, but I’ve not tried that yet.

Below is a video showing the new SVG import and cut workflow and the “problem” I’ve encountered so far. Click the little icon on the bottom right corner to view full screen!

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3 thoughts on “Silhouette Studio Version 4 – SVG Import First Look (Designer Edition)

  1. Sheila L says:

    I’ve bought Image Maker, I have a drop box app, and the Google Drive on my iPhone and iPad, but I sill can’ view the SVG files I purchased so I can load them into Cricut Design Space. Help me please! I’m so frustrated. Thank you, Sheila Amiot

  2. Jackie says:

    Thanks for the info. I am not a fan of new updates until I know they have the bugs worked out. I feel they should have this done before the release. But what do i know.

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