Sure Cuts A Lot 5 Custom Coffee Cup Design – Path Tool and More

I recently received an email from a customer asking how to use Sure Cuts A Lot to create a custom coffee mug design and thought it would make a great video to show off some of the software’s capabilities!

In this video I cover the following topics:

  • Working with circles 
  • Copy and Paste in Place
  • Resizing using Option (Alt) + Shift
  • Stroke and Fill
  • Layers
  • Path Functions
  • Type on Arch Tool
  • Rotating Elements
  • Exporting SVG Files (Design Space Compatible)
  • Importing SVG Files into Cricut Design Space

Video Tutorial

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4 thoughts on “Sure Cuts A Lot 5 Custom Coffee Cup Design – Path Tool and More

  1. Sandy Evans says:

    Thank you Leo, I love how easy you made it seem . I am wondering if I made one for one name, can I go back and change the name on the to another name? Or would I have to re-create it again.
    Thank you again. I hope you make more videos on how to creat in Sure Cuts A Lot. I am on my iPad, as soon as I get to my computer I am going to buy Sure Cuts A Lot from you.

  2. Barbara Martin says:

    Hi Leo! Thanks for your tutorial. I have the Cricut Expression with the SCAL 2 program. I want to upgrade my Cricut, but want to stay with the SCAL program. So, I can download the SCAL program into the Maker? Can I use the SCAL 2 program that I have now in the Maker or do I need to upgrade to the SCAL 5? Thank you!

    • Leo Kowal says:

      Hi Barbara, SCAL doesn’t directly connect with the Maker meaning that you cannot send cuts directly to it. You would create your design, save it as an SVG and then import it into Design Space. It’s been a while since I used SCAL 2 so I cannot recall if you can save your creations as SVG files, but if you can, then yes, you can use it with your Maker. Check to see if under File >> Export there is an option for SVG. If yes, then you can use it with your Maker!

  3. oleary.91Designs says:

    This seems quit complicated. I tried it with just 3 circles, the first 2 circles I adjusted the stroke path 1 thick 1 thin with no fill and the 3rd just a circle no fill or color and used that as my path text.

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