Sure Cuts A Lot 5 – Installation and Activation

Once you’ve completed your purchase of Sure Cuts A Lot 5 from, you’ll need to install the software and activate it using the serial number provided via email. 

The video below covers the following topics:

  • Downloading Mac or PC version (32Bit or 64Bit)
  • Installation
  • Activation

Video tutorial

14 thoughts on “Sure Cuts A Lot 5 – Installation and Activation

  1. Georgina Bancroft says:

    Hi there, I recently purchased SCAL in the black Friday sale and downloaded it onto our main computer. I have since purchased myself a laptop in the sales and am wanting to take the software off the main computer and put it onto my laptop, is this possible?

  2. grannyj says:

    Can I uninstall and reinstall the SCAL program on my computer? if so, how do I find my activation code again? The program doesnt seem to be working properly.

  3. jeanpopham says:

    Updating my computer from PC to MAC. Need to upload anew. I placed my order on 12/02/19 and have the order number if you need it. Is it possible to have the software resent to me now?
    Thank you. I haven’t tried SCAL yet but I’m ready to get started. ‘
    When I learn SCAL, will I still need Inkscape?
    Thank you so much.

    • Mike Fernholz says:

      Hi Gloria. If you purchased it from our sister site it should have been included in the email you received with your license key. We are the only seller offering the manual so if purchased elsewhere please contact us so we can assist you.

  4. lori knott says:

    Can i use the sure cuts alot on both of my computers? For example, we travel quite a bit in our rv, and i will do many things on design space on my computer in the rv, and when i get home i can just go to design space on the computer when i get home.

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