Beginner FAQs

Do SVG files from Dreaming Tree ( work with Sure Cuts A Lot and eCAL?

Yes, our files are 100% compatible with Sure Cuts A Lot versions 2, 3 and 4 as well as eCAL and eCAL2. You can get a copy of the software from our sister site by clicking here!

Do I need to size Dreaming Tree SVG files to the sizes indicated in the PDF?

No, Sure Cuts A Lot version 2 or higher and all version of eCAL open our files at their native size. You do not need to size anything, just import and cut!

Do I have to extract/unzip your files before I can use them in Sure Cuts A Lot and/or eCAL?

Yes and No! Depending on how you wish to import the files, unzipping may not be necessary. Check out the importing SVG files video below, this method allows you to use our files without unzipping!

Where can I get a copy of Sure Cuts A Lot and/or eCAL?

You can get a copy of Sure Cuts A Lot or eCAL and a $10 Dreaming Tree gift card for $54.99 (prices may change based on demand) here:

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