Sure Cuts A Lot Eraser Tool & Design Space, Brother Canvas Shortfalls

Crafting should be fun, but sometimes it’s not because we spend time fidgeting with things to get them the way we want.

One prime example comes from numerous emails from customers outside of the US who don’t have easy access to 12×12 cardstock. If you typically use A4 paper and need to adapt some of our projects to this size, you know firsthand that manipulating and moving things around in Design Space or Brother’s Canvas software can be very frustrating. Sure Cuts A Lot makes this process a cinch.

Another great example is when you cut something and one piece doesn’t cut correctly because your blade snags or the mat is losing it’s sticky. Of course there some workarounds that allow you to make these modification in Design Space or Canvas, but Sure Cuts A Lot will save you time and allow you to spend more time doing the things you love instead of fidgeting with tedious tasks.

In the video below, you’ll learn the following:

  • Dreaming Tree’s file structure and why layers are necessary
  • How to ungroup and use the contour feature in Design Space
  • How to manipulate files in case you need to recut a portion of a file
  • How to manipulate files if you need to cut them on A4 paper instead of 12×12
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Eraser tool, Design Space & Brother Canvas Shortfalls

4 thoughts on “Sure Cuts A Lot Eraser Tool & Design Space, Brother Canvas Shortfalls

  1. Kathleen says:

    Great idea. I use Silhouette Studio, and usually rearrange the individual parts on the mat to move them closer together and I also like to change the score lines to perforate. I also like to use leftover paper from other projects before cutting into a new 12×12. I would ungroup and release compound path for everything, then reset the compound path for each piece, then individually select and then group all the score lines for each piece. This was incredibly time consuming. Erasing is so much easier and faster! Just erase all but one piece, duplicate that if necessary, save as .studio then reopen the original .svg and pull out the next piece. Thanks!

  2. tracey16o2 says:

    I have spent ALL Afternoon trying to play with a box on Design Space & I’ve had enough now….thanks Leo – going to try the tester now 🙂

  3. Joy says:

    Thank you – you have explained something that had confused me completely. I was left with score marks all over the mat when I separated the design to allow me to cut the section I wanted. I hadn’t realised there were layers in designs! I have SCAL4 and you have shown me why I must learn to use the programme!

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