The Power of Search

As they say, knowledge is power. Knowing where to find key information on our site will help you have an optimal Dreaming Tree experience. In the video below, I’ll be discussing the following:

  • Identifying product pages
  • Locating supply lists on and the Dreaming Tree App
  • Understanding the supply list
  • Finding specific colors using 12×12 Cardstock Shop
  • Using Google, Google Images and Google Shopping to source materials
  • Using the search feature in the Dreaming Tree Group to find answers to commonly asked questions.

Video Tutorial

Our Go-To Websites For Supplies

3 thoughts on “The Power of Search

  1. Sharaine Cone says:

    Thank you for the information. You made a comment about the information links like the supply list, just change the font color to red. Most folks link red with attention look here….

  2. Nancy Borde says:

    Your instruction are great
    but Some of the pieces are difficult to figure out witch piece is put down first…and what color I should select for that image..

    • Mike Fernholz says:

      Hi, Nancy. If you review the assembly tutorial Leo goes over where all the pieces go in the video. You can also compare those pieces to the included PDF to determine which colors or patterns you would like to use. Hope this helps.

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