Pretty Potted Plants SVG Bundle – $6.99 Value

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4 thoughts on “Pretty Potted Plants SVG Bundle – $6.99 Value

  1. GG says:

    Yes Yes Yes,!!!
    Finally something completely different to the similar creations that have been coming through lately. I love these, They open the door for more gift giving which is just what I need!

  2. james236 says:

    can’t wait to make love flowers and plants and yall have beautiful floral design they make great gifts

    thank you


  3. J. Yee says:

    I can see making these for our ICU patients who cannot have live flowers or plants in their rooms. Thank you!

  4. twiliatruefaih says:

    I am new to this . I’m over whelmed with the things we can make with the cut and scan and with paper . Thankyou for the flower tutorial . I loved the Halloween house you made . If anyone has’nt seen it , you need to .

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